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The H.E.L.P. agency, as a consulting firm, expects to be an exhaustive source of information about domestic helpers in Singapore on top of a wide range of services.

This chapter provides answers to many questions about “Maid agencies”, about the role and the responsibilities of an employer and about the status, rights and duties of domestic helpers. You will discover how different laws, regulations, procedures and domestic helpers’ labor market are compared to Europe or the USA.

It is therefore highly recommended to have a full understanding of all legal matters as well as market structure and conventions before hiring a domestic helper in Singapore.

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The law in Singapore* makes it very clear that any consulting business offering matching services between prospective employers and domestic helpers is illegal in Singapore. The H.E.L.P. agency is not providing matching services.

The information provided in these pages derives directly from Singapore laws, rules and regulations as well as from MOM’s recommendations.

About « Maid agencies »

How many maid agencies are there in Singapore?
Are there good and bad maid agencies?
What is an accredited maid agency?
Are agency fees regulated or controlled?
What is the cost of placing a Foreign Domestic Worker for an employment agency?
What is the « placement fee » ?
Who should pay the« placement fee » ?
What is the mission of a maid agency?
What is the nature of the relation between an employer and a maid agency?

About being an employer in Singapore

What is the regulatory framework for being a domestic helper’s employer in Singapore?
What are the tasks that an employer can expect a domestic helper to perform?
What are the responsibilities of the employer ?
What are the duties of the employer?
What kind of accommodation shall be provided ?
Can an employer provide an accommodation outside his / her residence?
What minimum standard working conditions shall be provided by the employer?
What does “adequate food” mean?
Besides food and accommodation, what else shall the employer provide?
May an employer keep the passport of his / her domestic helper?
Should medical expenses be borne by employer ?
What insurances shall the employer purchase for the domestic helper?
Is there any other insurance the employer may consider?
When must the employer repatriate the domestic helper to her home country ?
When shall the employer send the domestic helper on home leave?
What are the obligations of the employer regarding home leave?
When should the employer pay the domestic helper’s salary?
Is the employer allowed to make deductions form the domestic helper’s salary?
Can an employer hire more than one domestic helper ?
Can an employer be denied an application to hire a domestic helper?
Can an employer be blacklisted?
Can an employer allow his/ her domestic helper to do part-time with friends or neighbors?
Is the employer held responsible when his/ her domestic helper is not saying she is doing part-time with other employers?
Can an employer be exempted from the Orientation Program for Employers?
Can the employer choose the date of commencement of his/ her newly hired domestic helper?
Can the employer choose the last day of work of his / her domestic helper when she is transferred to a new employer?

About the domestic helper and the legal framework of her job

What is the legal framework for being a domestic helper in Singapore?
What does the security bond impose to the domestic helper?
Is the domestic helper allowed to reside in a place other than her employer’s?
How many days off is a domestic helper entitled to?
How many hours a day is a domestic helper allowed to work?
Can a day off be on week days?
Can a domestic helper be asked to work on a Public Holiday?
How should the domestic helper be compensated in case she works on a day-off?
How much paid leave is the domestic helper entitled to?
What if the domestic helper refuses to utilize her paid home leave?
Can the domestic helper ask for reimbursement of medical expenses?
Can the domestic helper change employer without asking permission?
IS a domestic helper allowed to do part-time work with different employers?
Is a domestic helper allowed to house family or friends in her room?

About hiring a domestic helper

What is the procedure to hire a domestic helper?
Is it complicated to apply directly for a work permit to hire a domestic helper without going through an agency?
What is a “transfer maid” ?
What is the starting point for transferring a domestic helper?
What are the conditions for a domestic helper to be transferred to another employer?
Is it possible to check employment history of a domestic helper in Singapore?
Is it possible to choose the date of transfer of a domestic helper?
Is a domestic helper allowed to go on home leave between 2 employers?
What is the difference between work permit and employment contract?
Is it compulsory to sign an employment contract?
Is there any standard employment contract ?