Our Preferred Links

NGOs, government institutions, Support to migrant workers

  1. Ministry of Manpower ( MOM) : www.mom.gov.sg
  2. Association of employment agencies in Singapore : www.aeas.com.sg
  3. SingPass : www.singpass.gov.sg
  4. International Labor Organization  : www.ilo.org/global
  5. aidha (financial education and small business school for helpers: www.aidha.org
  6. Home (Courses, Education programs and shelter for helpers) : www.home.org
  7. TWC2 (Advocacy group for  migrant workers in Singapore) : http://twc2.org.sg/
  8. Unifem (United Nations Fund for Women) : www.unifem.org.sg
  9. HealthServe (Non-Profit organisation offering Health and Legal advice in 2 clinics) : http://healthserve.org.sg

Singapore resources  from expat who share experience and tips about helpers and many more topics:

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