Look for candidates

For direct research (no agency):

> Log on to Anisya: www.anisya.com

Anisya is an online employment platform who connects domestic helper candidates and employers. Candidates have to pay a 50 SGD fee to register and to post their biodata online. Then they have no other fee (placement fee). An employer has no registration fee to pay.


Anisya is also a licensed employment agency that works very differently from all other agencies. They are very close to the charity HOME (www.home.org.sg ) who provides support and shelter to migrant workers in Singapore.


About the way Anisya works once the employer has found a helper on the platform, its website reports: “As an employer, you are free to do your own paperwork with MOM, or to do this through an agency. You are not obligated to use Anisya’s services. If you do use a maid agency, we do ask that you communicate this up front to the workers to avoid confusion and that the agency abides by Anisya’s policy of not charging a placement fee to the worker.” If the employer decides to use Anisya’s services to process the work permit application, the charge is 750 SGD, excluding insurances (total cost is about 1050 SGD).

For hiring through an employment agency

  1. Log on to We are caring Pte Ltd: www.wearecaring.com

Founded by a French expat, David, We are caring is an outstanding agency offering:

> Ethics: Free placement services to domestic workers (no registration fee, no placement fee)

> Cheapest packages for employers

> Excellent screening of candidates through videos to introduce the candidates and close follow-up

> Very large and constantly updated database of available candidates

2. Contact another ethical maid agency in Singapore for Indonesian candidates:

A.PRATAMA Employment Agency: Bukit Timah Shopping Centre, Unit 02-45, 170 Upper Bukit Timah road, Singapore 588179. Tel: 6297 6913. EMail: apratama@singnet.com.sg.

Desmond and Susan deal mostly with Indonesian domestic helpers for newcomers. They have been running their agency since 2004 with great human values! They do their own recruitment without purchasing any biodata from overseas agencies. It means that they personnaly know their candidates. They are active members of the NGO TWC2 that provides support to migrant workers. Desmond and Susan can also process the work permit application if you are reluctant to do it on your own or for transfer FDWs whatever their nationality (Filipino, Myanmar, etc).


Take some precautions if you go through the services of an agency:

Be wary of fake agents

Only agencies and people who have a registered license (number starting with letter C) are allowed to carry out a maid agency or act as a maid agent. The complete list of authorized agencies and agents is available on MOM website : http://www.mom.gov.sg

Any person who does matching of employer and candidates without a license is considered illegal agent and can be fined up to 5000 SGD (up to 10 000 SGD and / or up to 6 months jail for 2nd offence).

Sign a contract of services BEFORE the agency presents the first candidate.

It is compulsory since April 2011! All costs should be detailed: breakdown of fees which means agency fees, cost of insurances, cost of work permit, placement fee if any and all extra costs. The conditions for a refund of fees should also be explained. Also the law makes it compulsory that the agency displays its fees in a consipcuous place in its premises. Check!

Don’t pay anything before you have made your decision for one candidate.

The insurances should be paid only upon application for work permit; that means after you have made your decision on a candidate. And you settle the bill only when the domestic helper is transfered to your place.


Never more than 5 WP* cancelations per year !

An employer who has canceled more than 5 work permits for domestic helpers within one year will be blacklisted. He/ she may be banned by Ministry of Manpower from hiring any Foreign Domestic Worker.