CHUC course for helpers (basic first aid with kids)

> A 2 part course (each lasts 3h) split over two mornings

(Please note that this course complements the Singapore Red Cross First aid course where life threatening emergencies are reviewed with CPR. The h.e.l.p. agency first aid course doesn’t address CPR which is total exception in a baby or a child. The h.e.l.p. agency addresses more frequent health emergencies such as a head concussion or a high fever just to mention 2 situations)

> Course objective : recognize a health emergency in a baby or a child, perform the adequate initial treatment and decide appropriately when parents should be called.

> Material : each student gets her own booklet with the full content of the course;

> Course assessment: based on scenarios. Results of the assessment are reported on the certificate of attendance.

> Certificate of attendance : given to any student who has attended the 2 parts with report of final assessment score;

> Course content :