What we do

The H.e.l.p. agency is not a maid agency; we don’t process WP application and we don’t offer matching services between prospective employers and domestic helpers. For processing WP application, please get in touch with David Besnsadon fomr “We are caring Pte Ltd” Link is here.

The H.e.l.p. agency is a training firm focusing on health and first aid issues. We offer :

(*) Live-in: domestic helper who lives 24/7 at her employer’s place. In Singapore domestic help comes in only 2 forms:


Anne_Genetet_portraitThe founder and director: Anne Genetet

An in-depth knowledge of helpers

Anne Genetet is a French expatriate and medical doctor (GP) who settled in Singapore in 2005.  She has been involved in several NGOs that provide support to migrant workers. She has volunteered as a medical doctor in a shelter for domestic helpers who are at odds with their employers. She also conducts seminars for HOME Academy in the Caregiver class and the Sexual Health class.

She is also qualified to run a “maid agency” though she decided not to apply for a license. She successfully passed the Singapore Polytechnic Certificate for Employment Agencies, required by MOM (Ministry of Manpower) to apply for a Maid Agency License in Singapore. Attending this course has given to her an in depth knowledge of all legal and administrative issues related to work permit for Foreign Domestic Workers.

A career dedicated to human relationships

Her present interest in the condition of Foreign Domestic Workers in Asia is consistent with her career that has always been dedicated to human relationships, education, and transmission of knowledge through various positions:

An active expatriate in Singapore

Anne Genetet is very active on social networks being a member of various expatriate support groups such as Singapore Expat Wives, SingaFrog and Singapour Nanas. She is also the administrator of 2 other support groups: Singapour Parents d’Enfants Hors du Nid and SingaporCondifentiELLEs. She has been an editor for the magazine of the French expatriate community in Singapore and was an elected parent on the Educational Committee of the French School in Singapore for several years. Hence Anne Genetet has close links with the expatriate community whose specificities are well known to her.

She has launched her own blog dedicated to health specificities in Singapore and in sub-tropical conditions (in French): Singapour Santé. The link is here.

She graduated in 1994 from Paris Medical School as a GP and in 1999 as a medical journalist at Paris University Pierre & Marie Curie. She is a certified first aid caregiver from the Singapore Red Cross society and from the French Red Cross for adults, children and infants. She is also certified in CPR and automated external defibrillation.